tarot basics

There is scant evidence that categorically states where, when, how and why Tarot Cards came into existence. As with all things, we turn to Historians to research and certify their origins. The first reference to ‘Tarot’ is from the provinces of Northern Italy, amongst the elite of their time. Influential artists were commissioned to hand paint the ‘Tarrochi’ card game for their noble families. Initially, images included religious figures of importance until it became heresy and was driven underground by association.
Thanks to Historians, Tarot enthusiasts, Museums and private family collections we have been able to piece together the following estimated timeline. Whilst there is a clear proven link to a card ‘game’, this is not the position taken by many Occultists. The Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn are the true birthplace of the most popular deck still in use today; The Rider-Waite. There is no denying that whatever their origins, our modern conceptions derive from a world of mystique and perceived magic.