Free Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

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Typically used to write prompts on the images until you have memorised the interpretation. Many beginners treat them as 'flash cards'. These images are the original Colman-Smith from 1909

Download & Print

Keep this guide handy with your training cards. After a while, you may not refer to it as often but it's a useful tool to keep in your Tarot Journal. (Upright interprets only)

Download & Print

Our Oracle Cards come with a cheat sheet to help interpret the cards. Check out the Knowledge base on the home page for tips on reading Oracle cards for further guidance.

Please accept these FREE PRINTABLES as our gift to get you started.  All you need is a printer and printable cardstock.  We suggest that you use the Tarot cards as a form of ‘Flash Card’ and perhaps write prompts on the images until you can recall the card meaning.  There is also a cheat sheet with keywords for the Tarot cards.  If you feel that you do not want to read for others but wish to try self-divination then we have you covered too with our very own Oracle Cards and guide sheet.  

These printouts are for personal use only and should not be redistributed or resold.  We have taken the original Tarot Card artwork and made some minor adjustments to the image.  This does not hinder their use in readings but as they are no longer original artwork by Pamela Colman-Smith are worthless except as a training aid. 

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