starter checklist

In this section, I’ve created a basic checklist for you because it’s something I wish I’d had when I first started. The only item I haven’t included is the pricing card I take to psychic fairs, which has a ‘Tarot Reading £x for 30 minutes’ message (It saves them from asking which makes some uncomfortable). If you’re wondering how much to charge in the UK I cover this in the section on HOW MUCH TO CHARGE.

Before you jump straight to the checklist, let me create the substance behind each item.

1. Tarot Cards & Pouch 

Always use a pack you are familiar with, this isn’t a time to become experimental. Trust me, you’ll draw a blank and wish you hadn’t. Practising is done in our own time.

2. Business Cards

These don’t need to be extravagant at all with the suggested following on the card:

  • Create a Logo if you want to brand your marketing materials.  
  • Your name is a personal matter, I know plenty of colleagues use a ‘stage name’ but I use my own. 
  • Your Title – Psychic Intuitive seems to be popular currently. Clairvoyant is another. I call myself a Psychic Intuitive and Tarot Consultant. If you are unsure I suggest you stick with Tarot Consultant – let’s manage those expectations!
  • Your telephone number – Please buy yourself a cheap phone, it’s not going to cost the earth and I can promise you don’t want to be interrupted during supper with a ‘sorry, just a quick question’. Leave a personal voicemail on the phone thanking them for calling and that you’ll get back to them soon. Ask callers to leave a name and number.
  • Email address & Website Address if you have one – You’d be surprised by the number of customers that email rather than call because they don’t want to trouble you. Websites also add that professional look.

3. Tablecloth

I use a black tablecloth that covers my entire table (hide those table legs and mine too!) with a velvet Tarot Cloth. They are in stock HERE if you want to see which one I use. It’s not essential but it adds an air of occasion to the readings.

4. Pen & Paper

This is the one item that I am constantly looking for so I cannot stress how important this is. If you are at a psychic fair, you will need to have a waiting list on your table for those who want to book an appointment with you. Give half-hour slots and don’t forget to take time for a lunch snack. That pen & paper is always handy.

5. Social Media

I think this is a given these days. Facebook is an excellent option and it’s worth investing in some paid advertising from time to time. Set up a business page and run ads when you get started. Once you are established you won’t need to advertise.  

6. Website

I no longer operate a website for my readings because I run the Tarot Shop UK and all my personal readings are with existing clients or at psychic fairs (usually those I co-host). When I was active I had one with my name, services and rates on the front page. Contact details splashed all over it with a few books I’ve written. I would say it adds a professional element to your work and can be created for free these days. I know that colleagues use Wix and WordPress but I’m sure there are others to choose from. YouTube have plenty of ‘tutorials’ on how to set up a website from scratch and Facebook Advertising.

7. Business Phone 

When you start it’s important to create boundaries for both yourself and your clients. A separate phone for work helps immediately. It’s a psychological thing. When we are at work, we take calls. When we are not working or in a reading, we ask enquirers to leave a message on the voicemail and tell them we will call back (which of course we do during work hours). It’s about respecting your time with the people you are with at any given moment which includes time for yourself and your family. Don’t splash out initially because a cheap supermarket phone is a great start and you can upgrade later, especially if you start giving ‘phone readings’.

8. Disclaimer Sign & Business Insurance

Always leave this on display, mine is in a picture frame that sits on or around my reading space. It’s a legal requirement in the UK. You can use the same wording as me which I share HERE at the bottom of the page. Business Insurance is quick and painless, expect to pay under £50 at the time of writing. A quick internet search will suffice to find a suitable quote.

9. Cash Tin & Records Book

A small cash tin is preferable if you want to keep your income separate and you are taking cash. Some clients prefer to pay by card but I used to ask for a bank transfer or cash because the card services charge a percentage. However you decide to store your cash or card payments, you will need to keep a separate record system. An excel spreadsheet is very adequate with date, name and value paid plus an expenses tab. Please remember that Income Tax needs to be paid by yourself so it is worth keeping back roughly 25% and keeping a note of every transaction. You will need to complete a Self Assessment every January in the UK to see if/how much the lovely tax man is due! I’m not a tax expert so suggest an internet search to help you register for self-assessment.  I want to add that despite what many may think, it’s likely you’ll be under the threshold for paying tax for quite a while.  After travelling expenses, venue hire, equipment and assuming you still have a day job, this is inevitably a calling before it becomes full time.

10. Clock & Candles

I keep a clock on my desk discreetly hidden, this ensures that I stick to time. I must confess this was the hardest aspect of my life as a reader to manage. I was poor at this and I know a lot who are. The best training ground for time management is to sign up for a psychic fair where you have people waiting to see you every 30 minutes. I also surround my table with lovely and relaxing scented candles. It sets the perfect mood.

11. Standee

I have added this to the list but it’s only an item you need if you are going to travel around the different psychic fairs. Once again it’s an item that’s available from Vistaprint. They are ideal as signposts for prospective clients at the fairs and the majority of readers have them but it’s NOT a must-have unless you attend them.