conducting the sitting and setting boundaries

There isn’t a one size fits all for preparing your space and energy in readiness for a reading.  However, it is important to set those intentions.  Illustrated below is a four step process that I suggest to move you into that sacred space for conducting readings.   Once you are in this space you can ask ‘spirit’ or the Divine to help you serve to the best of your ability.


Clear the space of all clutter, lay your cloths and prepare the reading table. Light a candle or incense if you prefer.  Claim the space for the sole purpose of enlightening the client.

Raise the energy for the table and yourself.  An amethyst crystal is a great tool to calm the area. This is a good time to also set your intention with your palm crystal if you use one for focus.

Sit and quietly shuffle your cards.  Thank them for their place in your life and allowing you to serve.  Mentally call their wisdom and energy towards you.

Quiet your mind and spend some time with your Spirit Guides or in the silence.  This step alone can be very enlightening as a message can sometimes pop in to your mind


Familiarise yourself with the Tarot Etiquette information HERE and follow these guidelines during the reading: 

  • Value your client, help them relax and feel settled as soon as they arrive. Reassure them regarding any worries about privacy and how the cards work. 
  • Ask if they have a question.  If the answer is no, then carry out a Celtic Card spread for a general six-month reading. 
  • Do not rush the reading.  Take time to study the cards before speaking.  Consider each reading as a jigsaw puzzle and it’s your job to put the pieces together.  
  • Go with the intuitive flow of the cards and try not to sense check or second guess the client’s responses.
  • Listen carefully to the client.  Don’t talk over them whilst they are speaking.
  • Ask if they need further clarification before closing the reading.  Sometimes, this is when the true question comes forward which a quick three-card reading will answer.
  • Keep your business cards close to hand in case the client asks for one.
  • Always ensure that the client leaves the reading feeling empowered.


The time that you spend with a client is sacred.  As previously mentioned, they share their innermost feelings, thoughts, dreams, wishes, desires and trust. Following this interaction, they naturally feel closer to you. You have just created a trusted psychological bond.

Following the initial reading, it’s not unusual for any client to reach out for a little extra reassurance. Many will send an email or leave a ‘quick’ message on your voicemail. Not everyone does this but it’s not uncommon. You may be viewed as a confidant and friend. Although this is healthy, it needs boundaries or it can quickly become unhealthy.

As a general rule, I give the following advice to all beginners. Cherish your clients because they are important, but if you have a needy client, manage their expectations early on. If you didn’t phrase something correctly and can recall the information; clarity is a reasonable request. Another full and free reading by email is not! So, we simply say ‘I’m sorry, I’m in an altered state during readings which I shut down when you leave. This means I can’t remember a lot of what was said during the reading. Would you like me to book you another appointment?’

Always, try to discourage addicted clients from needing too much follow on support from readings. Encourage them to buy a pack of Oracle cards instead. As you already know, they have the answers within them, it’s just they can’t hear them. Oracle cards are fabulous for giving our clients a tool for self-empowerment during periods of transformation.  An ideal time gap between readings is generally advised as six-months.