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Trinity Tarot by Ari Wisner

Discover the Trinity Tarot by Ari Wisner, a beautifully concise 78-card deck perfect for beginners and seasoned readers. Featuring genderless card titles like The Apprentice (Page) and The Champion (Knight), this inclusive deck reimagines traditional tarot for a modern audience. Each 3” x 3” card boasts uncluttered imagery, inviting personal interpretation and intuitive reading. Includes a handy prompt sheet of card meanings. Connect with your inner wisdom through the Trinity Tarot.

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Publisher Description

Trinity Tarot by Ari Wisner

The Trinity Tarot by Ari Wisner is a beautifully concise, 78-card deck designed to be accessible for both beginners and seasoned tarot readers. This deck reimagines traditional tarot with modern, genderless card titles, creating an inclusive and contemporary tool for divination and self-reflection.

The Major Arcana and Court Cards have been thoughtfully renamed to resonate with a broader audience: The Apprentice (Page), The Champion (Knight), The Keeper (Queen), The Crown (King), The Revealer (High Priestess), The Proclaimer (Hierophant), The Nurturer (Empress), and The Defender (Emperor). These updated titles reflect the deck’s commitment to inclusivity and universal themes.

Each card in this square-shaped deck (3” x 3”) features uncluttered imagery, providing ample space for the reader’s own personal interpretations and wisdom. The minimalist design encourages intuitive readings, allowing users to connect deeply with the cards’ meanings.

Included with the Trinity Tarot is a prompt sheet of card meanings, offering quick and easy reference for both new and experienced readers. This makes the deck a perfect companion for anyone looking to explore tarot without feeling overwhelmed by complex symbolism.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Trinity Tarot cards offer durability and a smooth, tactile experience. The deck’s modern design and thoughtful approach to traditional tarot make it a unique and valuable addition to any tarot collection.

Ideal for those seeking a fresh perspective on tarot, the Trinity Tarot by Ari Wisner is more than just a deck of cards; it is a tool for personal growth, reflection, and connection. Let the Trinity Tarot guide you on your journey to understanding and enlightenment.

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