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Treekeepers Oracle


Picture this: in a time before trees were used for paper, they held enchanting stories. Legends spoke of sacred places guarded by trees, where the veil between worlds was thin. Imagine stumbling upon a door in a tree trunk—a duirwaigh, a magical portal. Now, fast forward to a generous gift from a Lapland Tree Keeper , the guardian of an ancient reindeer forest grove, to the author of this deck. Picture the scene under the dancing lights of the aurora borealis as she hands over a legacy book. This magic comes alive with 44 green, gilt-edged cards and a 108-page illustrated guidebook. Dive into the essence of ancient wisdom! 🌳✨

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

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By Angi Sullins

Long ago, before trees were used for their pulp and fibre to hold our stories in bound form, they were story protectors of a different kind. As legend and druids can tell you, there are places on the planet where the veil between worlds is thin, and the trees were guardians of these sacred spaces. During that age, if one was lucky, one might encounter a door in the trunk of a tree, known as a duirwaigh, a portal between magical worlds. The contents of this oracle and guidebook were entrusted to me from a Tree Keeper in Lapland, who guarded one of the ancient groves in a reindeer forest. One evening, under a billowing curtain of aurora borealis, while night settled on the shoulders of a mountain like a sigh, the Tree Keeper gifted me her legacy book. This work is derived from that tome. Includes 44 green gilt-edged cards, 108-page fully illustrated guidebook and organza drawstring pouch.

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