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Sefirot – The Spheres of Heaven Tarot


By Georg Hobmeier, James Patton, Eliot Baum, and Viv Tanner


The Sefirot – The Spheres of Heaven Tarot delves into the rich history of tarot, drawing inspiration from various sources such as Rider-Waite-Smith, Marseille, Judaic Kabbalah, and esoteric traditions. It thoroughly explores the profound origins of archetypes and symbolism, as well as the diverse applications of tarot, ranging from being a game to a potent divination tool and a facilitator of meditation.

The enchanting world of Dioscoria and the captivating art nouveau/comic style breathe new life into the well-known imagery of Major Arcana and court cards, while the Minor Arcana exhibits an elegant contrast in the simplified and refined pip style.

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

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Publisher Notes


by Georg Hobmeier James PattonEliot Baum , and Viv Tanner 

Venture beyond the well-traveled paths of the Rider-Waite-Smith conventions to the world of Sefirot Tarot where history, esoteric tales, Judaic Kabbalah, and the Marseille Tarot tradition combine to create a powerful tool for intuition, reflection, and growth.

Since ancient times, the mysterious island of Dioscoria has been a harbor for mystics and misfits, rebels, and outcasts. But back even before the founding of this magical country, the Sefirot Tarot—rumored to have originated in the temples of Thoth and Hekate at the dawn of time—was already a popular game used for reflection and meditation and as tool for divination.

Drawing from the history of tarot—from Rider-Waite-Smith and Marseille, to Judaic Kabbalah and esoteric lore—this deck explores the deep roots of the archetypes and symbolism as well as the many uses of tarot as a game, a powerful divination tool, and a meditation aid.

The mystical, fantastical world of Dioscoria and the art nouveau/comic style of art breathes life into familiar Major Arcana imagery and court cards, while the Minor Arcana is a simplified and elegant contrast in the pip style.

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