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Unveil the mysteries with our 5cm crystal ball and stand set. This perfectly sized crystal sphere, set on a sleek stand, mesmerizes with its clarity and beguiling play of light. Whether for gazing, meditation, or as an elegant decor piece, its enchanting presence adds an air of mystique to any space. Discover the allure of divination and timeless elegance with this captivating crystal ball.

In stock

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Enchant your surroundings with the ethereal allure of our 5cm crystal ball elegantly perched upon a complementary stand. Crafted with precision and clarity, this crystal sphere captivates with its mesmerizing clarity and radiant refraction of light. The 5cm diameter offers the perfect size for both intricate details and a comfortable grip, allowing you to explore the depths of its mystical beauty.

Ideal for divination, meditation, or simply as an exquisite decor piece, this crystal ball presents a world of possibilities. Whether it’s used for scrying, fortune-telling, or as a striking centerpiece, its flawless surface invites you to peer into the mysteries it holds.

The included stand adds a touch of sophistication and stability, elevating the crystal ball for display or practical use. This mesmerizing ensemble exudes an aura of elegance, making it a perfect addition to your home, office, or sacred space.

Embrace the mystique and timeless allure of our 5cm crystal ball with a stand and unlock a world of wonder and contemplation.

H6cm x W5cm x D5cm

Tags: Tarot readings – Spiritual guidance -Divination tools – Metaphysical supplies -Occult merchandise – New Age gifts -Crystal healing – Astrology charts -Psychic development 

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