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Discover divine guidance, decode auras, and infuse healing color energy into your spiritual practice with Angels & Auras, a powerful and playful oracle deck co-created by best-selling authors and spiritual teachers, Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser.

This unique deck offers a magical journey of self-discovery, bringing vibrant colors back into your life. The 12 core cards represent archangels and their aura colors, providing insights into how angels communicate through the language of color. The additional cards offer divine wisdom and heavenly support, depicted with colorful images that remind you of the vibrant world of energy we live in.

Unveil the language of colors, connect with the divine, and access a whole new level of wisdom from angels and auras. The knowledge gained from this deck has the potential to transform not only your life but also the lives of those around you.

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In stock

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by Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser 

Receive divine guidance, decode auras, and weave healing color energy into your spiritual practice with this powerful and playful oracle deck.

Angels & Auras is a powerful and playful approach to self-discovery and divination for all those looking to bring magical vibrancy to their spiritual practice and infuse some much-needed color back into their lives!

Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser are best-selling authors, spiritual teachers, and dear friends who began to see interesting parallels with their work. Specifically, they noticed a link between the colors that the archangels vibrate to and the aura colors that Dougall teaches in his work. This led to two years of co-teaching their wildly popular Angels and Auras courses to thousands of students, and now the divine collaboration of the Angels and Auras Oracle.

Within the Angels and Auras Oracle, 12 core cards represent specific archangels and their aura colors to lead the reader down a path of self-discovery. These cards demonstrate how the angels regularly speak to us through the language of color. The remaining cards provide a heavenly chorus of support and are purposefully created with divine wisdom in mind. Each message is depicted with colorful images to inspire and remind the reader that we live in a vibrant world of energy.

What you learn here could change the direction of your whole life―and the lives of the people around you―as you uncover the language of colors, connect with the divine, and tap into the wisdom of angels and auras on a whole new level.

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