Tarot packs are divided into five sections as follows:

The Major Arcana

  • 22 Cards that each signify a Major Turning Point in our lives

The Minor Arcana  (Everyday Life Emotions/Thoughts/Actions/Finances)

  • Heart/Cups Suit Cards – Numbered 1 – 10 plus 4 Court Cards – relating to emotions/feelings (the people, places and things we care about.
  • Coins/Pentacles Suit – Cards Numbered 1 – 10 plus 4 Court Cards – relating to money/finances (our material world and finances)
  • Wands/Staves Suit – Cards Number 1 – 10 plus 4 Court Cards – relating to energy/action (usually this is the workplace, it’s where we are active)
  • Swords Suits  – Cards Numbered 1 – 10 plus 4 Court Cards – relating to thoughts/perceptions (it’s all in the mind.  A powerful place indeed!)

I detail the Minor Arcana in a separate section HERE.

Numerous Tarot professionals only use the Major Arcana cards for readings.  I prefer to use all 78 cards so that I can see if this is a period of significant change with a ton of Major Arcana in the reading or a period of minor challenges and questions.   I believe it’s a personal preference whether to use the whole deck or the 22 Major Cards.    Let’s jump into their meaning to give you a flavour.  It’s also important to note that these cards are rich in historical occult symbolism provided by Arthur Edward Waite from the Order of the Golden Dawn back in 1909.  Nonetheless, they are still as relevant today as they were back then.

The cards are numbered zero through twenty-one and take the querent on a journey through life.  There is much written about the Major Arcana but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll cover each card as simply as possible below, starting at the beginning with a keyword on each card to help you identify their meanings.  It’s a very good idea to meditate with each card during your initial training, using the keyword principles below to see what messages come from your Higher Self.

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