Starting out is actually easy, it’s the continuation that’s the key.  This is because we rely heavily on our venues and referrals at the beginning.  Do ‘good work’ and you’ll be settled into a full time position before you know it.  But, where to work??  Are you ready to read for a perfect stranger?


Should we talk safety here, just a little?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t need to?  But, it’s the responsible thing to do.  I don’t think I need to spell out the risk of setting up readings at home, advertising in the local paper and working alone.  Be sensible, once you have established your client base you’ll feel more settled about working from home if that’s what you want to do.  Familiar faces or referrals are the ideal client if they are coming into your home.    Once you are established you need a separate room to create your perfect reading space; a table with two chairs and an attractive side unit that contains your supplies, a few pictures on the wall, perhaps a healthy plant, a cosy chair for meditation, a crystal or two and of course your cards!  Once you have gained experience you could move onto distance reading via the internet, in which case you’ll only need the interent and a reliable connection.  I don’t advocate online readings for beginners because there is no greater experience than sitting in front of a person. 


The local fairs here in the UK tend to begin in Spring and finish at the end of Autumn, you’ll get some that don’t, but if you expect to work them seasonally you won’t be disappointed.  Okay, so how do you find them?  Well, if they are local there’s a chance that you already know where they are held and who hosts them.  If so, contact the Event organiser and ask to join a waiting list or fill a cancellation spot on the next one that’s available.  It takes time and patience to join the crew but once you’re in, you get first refusal at the next one unless their regular reader returns.  Persevere and search online for others nearby.  Facebook is a good source for these type of Events.  Once you have been accepted refer back to the checklist HERE for supplies.  


I do get asked about these a lot but I’m afraid I’m not a fan.  This is because I prefer to be in charge, control freak and all that! I never wanted to get paid commission in this way.  To be honest, my exposure is limited to this kind of business so it’s unfair for me to comment or advise.  If you choose to do this, I understand that someone calls to test your ability and you will be paid based on the length or duration of the caller by percentage or flat rate.   Business models will no doubt vary by organisation.  Perhaps, an alternative is to offer private readings by phone yourself with payment in advance to secure the call?  If I wanted to work on the telephone that’s probably the avenue I would take.


I was surprised to discover that a friend of mine had bought a reading online through Etsy (who told her exactly the same as me by the way, sniff, sniff! only kidding, I am more than happy for a bit of back up) The Tarot reader emailed her a video link to a private recording she had made via YouTube.  This is pure genius! If I was starting out now I would absolutely add this as an income avenue.   My cats would have loved it and so would the snoring dog.  I believe it’s relatively simple to set up a shop on Etsy or even your own website, and advertise readings.  Video yourself reading the cards in answer to the question, upload to YouTube as a private link and send to the paying customer.  Love it!  I genuinely think it’s a fantastic avenue.


If you are fortunate enough to secure this kind of regular spot I recommend that you cherish it.   The store owner will either offer a room rate, where you take all the financial risk and bring your clients.  The advantage for the store is that you will bring in custom.  Good Tarot readers are rarely sitting on their hands. Or the store will hire you for the day, take a percentage of earnings and do all the hard work.  The rates vary per store.  I recommend the first option because this is the greater revenue driver for you because you won’t have to share the earnings for your regular clients, plus you are in control of your advertising.  A nice little target facebook ad or local leaflet drop if allowed is a great way to gain clients.  Put your telephone number on the ad for bookings or use an online booking system.  


Once your name gets out there as a good reader, you’ll be asked if you can do a house party.  I would advise you to accept because they are great fun although a tad exhausting. I suggest you limit the numbers to four people, and run half hour slots between 7pm to 9pm. It’s usual to give a reduced rate per reading for this type of booking.  It’s a good idea to leave the diary free for the next day to restore your energy.  

Whichever avenue you decide to focus your energy I wish you the best of success.  There simply aren’t enough of us out there.  We should never underestimate the value we provide in service to others.

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