Firstly, let me state for the record that I’m as devastated as you that there isn’t a Harry Potter School of Tarot. I can quite see myself as a ‘Sybill Trelawney’! Ah, a girl can dream! Anyway, I digress. There is not an acknowledged and therefore universal school for Tarot readers to attend and qualify, which frustrates many beginners.

So, what options do you have if you want to learn the tarot as a profession? Firstly, there is no greater qualification than a list of happy returning clients with referrals. But, you have to learn first, right?! Below are the various avenues you can take to learn, but the best qualification as mentioned will be your client list.

Local in-person Tarot Workshop

This is a great option where you meet up and learn with other like-minded readers. Many lasting friendships are made this way. The classes tend to run as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels with a certificate of attendance at the end. There is something very empowering in learning with others in this way.

Online Courses

These can work very well if distance learning is the only option available to you. Udemy run continuously updated courses and it’s easy to select a bestselling course with the highest reviews. Once you have completed the course feedback may be limited. Other options include Biddy Tarot with a host of training and support packages available, or the Tarot Association here in the UK run by Marcus Katz, a well respected and trusted Tarot Professional and Teacher himself.

Do-It-Yourself with Freebies

If cash is tight and you’re not convinced that the Tarot is for you but you want to try, this is the best option. I have plenty of content here on this site which even includes a downloadable FREE PACK of Tarot Cards (CLICK HERE).  There is no shame in caution. You will need a list of cards and meanings, a free pack of cards from the download and time to practice. Also, check out YouTube by entering ‘How to Read Tarot Cards’ in the search bar.   

I wish you the very best of luck and I’m pleased that you are already thinking like a professional.

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