Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle


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Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle by Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

Meet your magical menagerie with the Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle. Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba bring you forty familiars—domestic, wild, and fantastical—offering unique guidance and joy. Shuffle the deck, draw a companion, and let their empowering messages enhance your divination practice and daily life.

This is another must have deck for the Everyday Witch’s collectors to accompany the Everyday Witch’s Tarot, Everyday Witch’s Tarot Mini and the Everyday Witch’s Oracle .

In stock

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Publisher Description

Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle by Deborah Blake, Art by Elisabeth Alba

Step into the enchanting world of familiars with the Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle by bestselling author Deborah Blake and award-winning illustrator Elisabeth Alba. This oracle deck introduces you to forty magical creatures—domestic, wild, and fantastical—that serve as guides and companions on your spiritual journey.

Familiars, whether furry, feathered, or mythical, bring inspiration, wisdom, and joy as they assist in magical activities and convey messages from the divine realms. Each familiar in this deck is grouped according to the five elements, offering unique and empowering insights tailored to your divination practice and daily life.

Shuffle the cards, draw your companion, and let these amazing creatures reveal their gifts to you. The Everyday Witch’s Familiars Oracle includes a guidebook that provides interpretations and affirmations, helping you deepen your connection with these magical beings and integrate their wisdom into your spiritual path.

Embrace the magical menagerie of familiars and discover how they can enrich your journey with their presence and guidance.

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